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We are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Wilmington, Delaware working to help build sustainable lives by building affordable, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes for those in need around the world.
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Our Projects

Siegel JCC Cob Project

Built in the summer of 2016, the Siegel JCC Cob Project was a 200 square-foot temporary cob building...
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2903 North Jefferson Street

2903 North Jefferson Street is a 4500 square foot vacant lot in the city of Wilmington, where  Y Innovations will be completing a 630 square foot naturally-built straw bale home in 2018. Y Innovations has partnered with Family Promise to build the home for a homeless family from Delaware...
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Natural Cottage Project 2017

In the summer of 2017, Y Innovations team members completed a 200 square foot straw bale and cob building...
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Davis Street Project

Y Innovations is working on a four home development to be built on Davis Street in Wilmington, Delaware. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2019...
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We're Creative

Let’s face it, the industrial revolution gave us some pretty neat things. However nothing compares to what the earth gives to us naturally every day. We’re taking a step forward by taking a step back and using what the earth provides to build natural, environmentally friendly homes for our fellow neighbors in need.

We're Driven

Dreams without goals are just dreams, hence why we set the bar high for ourselves and work hard to achieve success. We collaborate with general contractors, builders, landscapers, electricians, and plumbers on every project to see our dreams become realities.

We're All-Natural

These aren’t your typical cookie-cutter homes. They are homes built to be affordable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly. We use a variety of natural building techniques including adobe, cob, straw bale, earth bag, and many others to reduce the environmental impact of a typical construction project.

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Amount per square foot in material costs to build our homes.



The percentage of Americans that do not currently have affordable housing, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).



The annual carbon dioxide emissions in metric tons.


Thousand Dollars

The total cost including all appliances and furnishings to build one of our homes.



The monthly mortgage payment for our homeowners.



The amount that the federal government invests each year in creating affordable housing through new construction and programs like rental assistance.


Square Feet

How much smaller our home is than the average newly constructed single family home in the United States.



The insulation value of the straw bale wall system we use.



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